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The Reli hunter

If you are critical about (Christian) Religion and the bible.

Always wanted to know what is wrong with the bible and on what myths and concepts Christian religion is really based upon including the Real story of Jesus  ?  check out :

See updates for updates on site. Be patient lots of text are to be written.  See updates whats already  being done the rest comes in due time. The first story which will be uploaded within one or two month is the real story of Jesus and after that comes the story of Moses.

Site is mainly in dutch for now, go  check the translation button in the right upper corner to translate to German or English.  More text will be translated into Enlish by me without the translator because that leaves sometimes gibberisch so I will do this manual.


Check out this great private blog and forum site. This site is independent of YT or any provider by way of private hosting.

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Vrije energie: De sterspoel, heilige geometrie en de joulethief ringer.!412&kip=1&wdAllowInteractivity=False&wdHideHeaders=True&wdDownloadButton=True

Doorbraak nulpuntenergie: De details (video).

This is a dutch spoken video presentation.

This video is about the Rodin coil and building it and experimenting with it.  This research is done in Holland by

With this system we dont need the powercompanys anymore because the electronic products as tv, computer, mixer, radio, etc has its own build in energy generator !

The coil gets his overunity by pulling zero point energy from the field surrounding it.

Repeat this is not a joke, hoax or disinfo..    ”THIS IS NOT A JOKE, HOAX OR DISINFO..   tnx for repeating it.

Doorbraak nulpuntenergie: 20 keer meer energie? (+video).

Available in Pakistan Abbottobad apartment on the upper level of a freestanding villa complex known under the name of OBL.
Price 100.000 dollars

Room with a view.
Color floor: Red
Underground tunnel system to Tora Bora fallout shelter which also can be used as wine cellar.
Sandy beaches in walking distance.

No internet connection.
24/7 security service from across the street.
Courier, pizza service available.

Friendly but not very demanding neighbor, an old man with grey beard, sometimes comes to visit and likes to watch tv in Rustique tv room not heated with old style remote controlled tv set.

Lots of movies and documentarys on video tape:

Unique home movies.
The inner workings of the CIA.
The bombing of Tora Bora.
Ghosthunt s09e11
Anarchistic cookbook
How to survive.
Surveillance system manual.
Stealth airplanes.
Flying high 09
The eve of destruction.
How to become a SEALS operative.
Man in black.
Mixed identity.
The secret of bomb making
Jeff Dunham with the dead terrorist.


Microsoft windows 311 language Arabian.
MS. Flightsimulator x911, extra mission NY Twin towers.
MS. Trainsimulator 7.07 metro mission.
Adobe after effects. 4.0

Misstorys weekly column 01

@ All members infopowerment weekly column 01 .. What a week of lies it was. Starting with the faked birth certificate from Obama, Osama ‘Are you scarred now Bin Laden cold blooded premeditated murder by US seals in a foreign country not in war with US. but we have no official proof so this will keep the truther movement busy for years.LOL. supported by mainstream media news coverage ( I mean lies ) of the event. Right after the burial at sea of Bin Laden which in itself was illegal the appearance of Obama on ground zero to become a illuminated person (due to atomic radiation residue) playing with peoples feelings. Now its waiting before the next AlCiada attack ahm sorry false flag operation ) on the (not so ) free world of the west. Secondly the Fukushima disaster is still being downplayed by the media. Meanwhile the atrocities in Syria are going of the scale right now being over shadow by the Osama affair. Global warming advocates still trying to promote they’re agenda of scam and profit even when it becomes evident that this Global warming thing is a complete hoax proven on many accounts. I am asking what part of a complete hoax do the main streamers not understand ? Only time will tell when this will end.

Believe in UFO ?

It is often said that someone who is believing in UFO wants to believe. We don’t want to believe it’s not a believe anyway. Believing is when you are not sure about things, if something is sure then it is not a believe anymore. So I make it clear now we are NOT believers, I restate we are NOT believers.
We have a right to know and a need to know cause we the people can make decisions on the basis of information and info on UFO, ET live, free energy, black projects and suppressed inventions are still coverup up and secret.
We want an end to the secrecy, that is the only thing we ask for, freedom of speech and thought so whistleblowers can say what they want instead of being prosecuted for breaking the secrecy oath because of an alleged national security wich for many info is illegal in itself because there is not any oversight from the congress or government.
We know damn well what they are hiding all these years..

Ierse astronoom: UFO’s bestaan, werkwijze SETI achterhaald.