If you want to study the u f o phenomenon, you better start with the Roswell incident.
The Roswell case is a basic case with everything in it, every thing is connected somehow to this case.
It is alleged that before Roswell there were other crashes because it looks like the Roswell retrieval team knew exactly what to do and they did it quick.
There are enough resources to study this case. A good book to begin with is Phillip
Corso’s The day before Roswell as well as a variety of interviews with Colonel Corso on
video and audio.
Colonel Corso’s son, Phillip Corso junior, is lecturing about the work of his father.
Documents connected to this case, are the mj12 papers and the SOM 101 manuel, the alleged
crash retrieval manuel for military personal.
Some case studys you can find with Ron and Ryan Wood who researched the MJ12 documents,
and not to forget, Stanton Friedman who brought the case in the open in the 70s and is
still lecturing about the case.

As with many cases you have a variety of theories, this is not different with the Roswell,

Several theories are:
– Foreign technology possible German – Not likely, alleged.
– ET scoutship or time travel from future earth. – Possible, alleged.
– Alien craft – Possible, alleged.
– Crashed saucer due to heavy thunderstorm. – Possible, alleged.
– Crash due to the use of new powerfull radar equipment, wich disturbed the magnetic field
of the ship, and got it disoriented. – Possible, alleged.
– Two ET craft crashing with each other. – Possible, alleged.
– Deliberate crash to give us artefacts to study and excelerate our own technological.
developments – Laser and fibre optics, night vision, super tenacity fibres (Kevlar).
– Weather balloon – not likely.
– Project mogul – not likely.
– Crash test dummys (mixed up memories of alien body’s) not likely.

Even there are discussions about the alleged crash site’s itself depending on witness
testimony, they all seem to tell another story.
Places of the craft, alien body count, 5 or 6 vingers, descriptions. and all.
So this all makes it a very complicated story in itself.

to be continued.