Available in Pakistan Abbottobad apartment on the upper level of a freestanding villa complex known under the name of OBL.
Price 100.000 dollars

Room with a view.
Color floor: Red
Underground tunnel system to Tora Bora fallout shelter which also can be used as wine cellar.
Sandy beaches in walking distance.

No internet connection.
24/7 security service from across the street.
Courier, pizza service available.

Friendly but not very demanding neighbor, an old man with grey beard, sometimes comes to visit and likes to watch tv in Rustique tv room not heated with old style remote controlled tv set.

Lots of movies and documentarys on video tape:

Unique home movies.
The inner workings of the CIA.
The bombing of Tora Bora.
Ghosthunt s09e11
Anarchistic cookbook
How to survive.
Surveillance system manual.
Stealth airplanes.
Flying high 09
The eve of destruction.
How to become a SEALS operative.
Man in black.
Mixed identity.
The secret of bomb making
Jeff Dunham with the dead terrorist.


Microsoft windows 311 language Arabian.
MS. Flightsimulator x911, extra mission NY Twin towers.
MS. Trainsimulator 7.07 metro mission.
Adobe after effects. 4.0